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I’m trying to make a profit, but my business overheads seem so high. Is there help?

The answer is yes. I know all of us have business overheads, even when you are running your business from home, but it is vital to keep them under careful review, so that your ‘break even’ point is kept as

What are Embedded Capital Allowances? Can they help my business?

Can Embedded Capital Allowances help me get cash from my business premises, without renting any of it out or selling it? You may be able to take advantage of this special tax relief, but, first of all, you need to

Can I get Research and Development Tax Credits?

I’ve incurred substantial expenditure in researching and developing new products and processes for my company. Can I get additional tax relief via tax credits for this cost? In principle, yes, but, first of all, you need to answer the following