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I’ve lost sight of what is going on in my business. Can a Business Review help?

Losing sight of what is going on in your business is a common occurrence, especially when your business is growing, and there seems little time to do your own Business Review. Often you no longer feel you are in control

Why do I need a Business Plan?

I passionately believe that a Business Plan, together with a Financial Forecast (at least two years hence), will provide you with a clear statement of your vision, strategy and objectives, and bring you the following benefits: It will set out

I am starting up my own business. Can I get a start up loan?

Yes, if you are starting up your own business it is possible to get a start up loan. I know from personal experience, that starting a business is the most challenging time for any budding entrepreneur, especially if you have

What is a Business Grant? Is it free money?

A business grant is an amount of money given to an individual or business for a specific project or purpose. If you own a business, you can apply for a business grant (usually only if you trade mainly with other

What is business mentoring?

I believe that Business Mentoring can be a really powerful process to help you run your business. Business mentoring is founded on a professional relationship, where you are the Mentee, and you utilize the services of a Mentor, usually a