Start-up loans for start-ups


Time was when start-up loans were strictly the reserve of those in the 18-30 Club which meant I couldn’t help many of my clients who fell in to the more ‘mature entrepreneur’ bracket.  All that has changed now that the government has decided to extend the qualifying age for start-up loans for a trial period, which means being able to borrow up to £10k and enjoy a 12 month capital holiday before you have to pay anything back.

This is going to be a real life-line for many businesses looking for the vital cash injection that start-up loans bring to help launch operations and bring those dreams of ultimate success that much nearer.

Even better I can help you with all the ins and outs of applying for a start-up loan, securing the funding and setting you on your way without it costing you a thing!

Have a look at my video on Start Up Loans (it’s in the My Services section) and contact me for a chat today.