SME 5 year plans are looking good!


Strong Growth is forecast

Strong growth and increased revenues are being forecast as part of their 5 year plans by SME owners in the region, according to a new Business Growth study by Santander.
Clearly small business owners are now gearing up with plans to grow organically, introduce new products, expand internationally and retain existing staff. As usual, it is not all good news, as we are a bit below the national average but let’s not focus on that – let’s appreciate where we were and what we have come through to get to this point.

A New Determination

I reckon that businesses that have survived the recession are determined to grow, and navigating a rocky path has made them stronger. When I read reports that many SMEs aim to increase turnover by nearly 25% in the next five years, I am impressed by this goal.

Keep focused on those Goals and Plans

When you are working for a tough boss (you!), having the ability to view five years down the line, beyond the day-to-day running of your business, is vital. You must keep focused on long term goals and plans. It’s why you are in business and it’s the difference between growing a business and creating wealth, or just being self-employed (doing everything yourself).

The next 12 months are vital

Once your long term goals have been established, you can focus on the specific tasks that need to be done over the next 12 months to keep you on track towards those goals.
And if you need help with those 5 year plans or with tracking progress, just give me a call on 0777 454 8822


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