Ralph Savage is The Business Facilitator

Listening to ‘Thought for the Day’ for some inspiration at breakfast recently, I was struck by the phrase ‘trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback’, something that is very pertinent to my role as a business facilitator.

That idea really chimed with me because I spend a lot of time networking, getting to know good people and forming mutually beneficial business relationships.  This of course takes time to develop as does the feeling that you can trust someone enough to recommend their services to another business contact, whilst they do the same for you.

In my role as The Business Facilitator I have extensive experience in identifying clients’ needs and pointing them in the right direction and over time I have built a team of trusted people which my clients access through me and, if required, even plug into their existing teams to get the job done effectively and reliably.

If you have a business or a personal need in the following areas, ask me for a recommendation so I can add value to you and your business.


Virtual office assistant

Print consumables





Systems Analysis

Stock reduction


Employment law specialists

Health & safety matters

Estate planning


Intellectual Property Protection


Finance Brokers and intermediaries

Crowd Funding

Angel Funding

Grant providers

Research and Development Tax Credit Claim Support


Tax advisors

Insolvency practitioners

Insurance Brokers

Debt Recovery

Book keepers

Debt management

Personal Financial advice

Mortgage advice


Marketing Strategist

Interim Sales Director

PR Consultant

Graphic design

Web design

Blogging and Content Management

Social Media consultant

Market research

Film & Video production

Event and Conference audio visual

People Management

Training consultants

Outsourced HR managers

Leadership & team building



ISO accreditation

Networking groups

Environmental safety

Energy bill reduction

International Trade Assistance

Bespoke Carpentry and fitting

Electro Plating and Chrome finishing

Although I hope you will agree that this is an impressive selection, if you do think of a service that is not on this list, you just need to ask. I’m happy to help.

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