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Are you reaching your Break-Even point?

Your business may be busy, busy, busy. You feel good! Your customers love you and love your service levels. Your order book is full – indeed you could have more orders than you can handle. But just because you are

A Business Plan can switch on your Spotlight!

“50% of all small businesses fail in the first couple of years. It’s a damning statistic but it’s true“: Theo Paphitis. This statement highlights the tough fact of self employment: your own skill set is not enough. You need to

Small business owners need financial information in 2016 to succeed

Survey reveals lack of financial information A recent study by Worldpay has revealed that over half of UK small businesses will not be able to produce precise data on sales and costs for their organisations in 2016. The research indicates

Angel Investors: What are they and could they be an option for you?

What is an Angel Investor? With the recent surge in popularity of alternative finance for start up entrepreneurs, including crowdfunding platforms, angel investment has really taken off as a concept, and has been popularised by Dragon’s Den. Angel investors can

Start-ups are really taking off in Britain

Those early years of a Start-Up are critical Starting a business is a significant step and the first two years of trading are the most vulnerable time. “50% of all small businesses fail in the first couple of years. It’s