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Is your business in the dark or the light?

In the Dark? Are you running your business in the dark? You might answer: “Of course not!” But hang on a moment – ask yourself these basic questions: Do you sometimes feel as if you have lost touch with what

Cash is King, or is it?

An Old Saying…. The saying ‘Sales are vanity, profit is sanity, cash is king’, is all about business priorities: you may be selling a lot, at a profit, but if you run out of cash, then your business may be

Survive and thrive!

A need to survive and thrive! A few weeks ago, I was standing in the biting cold with a few fellow unfortunates, waiting for a business premises to open. When I was able to get inside to talk to the

How the Start Up Loan Scheme can help you launch your new business venture

If you are a starting up a business, it’s costly, and you may need a bit of funding to really give it a kick start. But where can you get that help? Have you thought about start-up loans? Take a

Business Grants – are they a helping hand?

Yes – they can be, but you need to ask yourself 10 key questions to help you decide: 10 Key Questions to help you decide 1. What do you want to do? Is what you want to do (‘the project’)