MAS is calling all Manufacturers!

MAS can help your business grow!

Are you looking for tailored advice and support to help you grow your business the way you want to? If so, then consider MAS (the Manufacturing Advisory Service). MAS is now part of the Business Growth Service, a government-backed service which offers support to businesses with the potential to improve and grow.

Save 50% of the cost of your project!

If you are a small or medium sized company (an ‘SME’), MAS can help you to achieve your potential by identifying barriers to growth and providing tailored support that fits your needs, including coaching, consultancy, mentoring, training, access to finance and export advice. All this support is 50% match funded by MAS (up to £3,000), and the application process is very straightforward.

Just in case you wondered, an SME is defined as a company with less than 250 employees, having an annual turnover of less than €50m or a balance sheet of less than €43m, and not part of a group which in itself exceeds one of these criteria.

MAS have surveyed businesses who have taken advantage of this support. The results speak for themselves! 97% say that the service is good value for money and 96% would recommend it.

Have you already used GrowthAccelerator or Growth Vouchers? No problem! MAS fits nicely with both programmes.

Contact me for help in delivering your project and saving you 50% of the cost

I am a registered consultant with MAS and I strongly believe that MAS can help you on your route to business success. To find out how I can help you grow your business, supported by MAS funding, please visit ‘my services’ on this site, contact me or phone me on 07774548822

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