It’s Growth Accelerator Time!

Businesses supported by Growth Accelerator are growing 4 x faster than the average SME. But what is Growth Accelerator?

Growth Accelerator is a unique service that exclusively targets high growth businesses who want to enter their next phase of growth, and importantly, have the potential and ambition to get there. The service gives you the framework to:

– Build a successful growth strategy via business development coaching workshops;

– Become investor ready and discover new routes to funding and investment;

– Differentiate yourself from competition through innovation;

– Unite and inspire your leadership team through match-funded training.

The businesses that Growth Accelerator supports are not just growing over 4x faster than the average SME, they also think the support they receive is truly unique. Indeed, over two thirds (68%) say that the support provided could not have been accessed elsewhere and 97% would recommend Growth Accelerator.

Here are some impressive facts:

  • Over 18,000 businesses are being supported by Growth Accelerator
  • £103 million of funds have been raised through support delivered by Growth Accelerator’s Access To Finance coaches
  • 94% of business leaders say they are likely to grow as a result of intervention by Growth Accelerator’s coaches
  • £13.2 million has been invested in Leadership and Management Training grants
  • 90% of clients of the Growth through Innovation programme say that Growth Accelerator played an important role in helping them to bring new products, services and business models to market.

If you would like to find out more about Growth Accelerator and how I can help you grow your business, please visit ‘my services’ on this site or contact me.

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