Free Your Mind For Business Success


Having a sports massage is not just for that nagging shoulder pain, it can also boost your productivity and help you think more clearly about your business.  Definitely worth considering as a legitimate business expense!

Last week I submitted to the massage table and once I got over the sometimes intense pain of having my pressure points worked on, I completely relaxed, switched off and lost track of the time.

When it was over I honestly felt younger, energised and inspired and my brain was ticking over with ideas for businesses and putting them on the route to business success.  I knew it had really done the trick when I didn’t feel the need to reach for the glass of red that evening.

To try and keep the feeling going I even have some exercises to do at home but I must confess that instead of listening to ‘sounds from the Vale of Tranquillity’ I much prefer a blast of Whitesnake.

If you want a recommendation for a great masseuse, give me a call on 07774 548822 or contact me through this website. We can chat about how I could help put you and your company on the route to business success.