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Cash Flow drying up? Stop the stress flood!

Here are some suggestions for stopping the stress from taking over, and putting you back in control when your business is going through a cash flow crisis. Remember to step away Staying too close to cash flow problems 24/7 will

Meet Your Contacts – Don’t Just Send an E-Mail

  An email often won’t cut it! The digital age through which we are living makes communicating with others easier than ever before. We can message business clients, prospects or friends and receive responses instantly. Longer messages are often sent

4 Skills To Look For As You Build A Team

As the New Year begins and everyone gets back into the rhythm of work after the break, businesses across the UK are putting teams together to complete a whole range of new and ambitious projects over the next twelve months.

Business Coaching, Mentoring & Advice – What’s The Difference?

Business Coaching, Mentoring & Advice are frequently advertised together as one package, so, if you are a business owner, it is important that you understand the difference between each of them, to enable you to decide which is most relevant

Don’t put your Business Plan in the drawer!

Business Plan Misconceptions There are many misconceptions about a Business Plan. Here are some: It’s big It’s a one – off exercise You don’t know the future, so what’s the point? Things change so rapidly in business, so your plan