Forecasting for Financial Success

Do you know how your business is going to look financially in one, two, or three years’ time? Have you wondered how much your business will be worth? Is it growing, contracting, or just staying the same? Maybe you are at a crossroads, considering the financial impact of alternative courses of action? Perhaps outside parties, such as funders, are asking you these questions too? That’s where robust financial forecasting can help you provide the answers.

I work with owners of both Start Ups and existing businesses to carefully create realistic commercial financial forecasts. These range from 12 month cash flows to more complex forecasts of trading, cash flow and balance sheets, ranging over a number of years. Forecasting can provide you with real visibility on how your business is going to develop, setting out the financial impact of alternative scenarios, and help to reduce your stress levels!

As an experienced Business Advisor and Chartered Accountant, with a strong industry background who has forecasted from adversity to profitability, I know what a difference a forecast can make to you. I can work closely with you to help you build a forward thinking commercial forecast of your business, based on realistic assumptions. This is a forecast that you can own, flex and stress, showing different options, helping you make decisions that will affect your future. I can put you in back in control, helping you to set budgets for your key income streams and costs, and then holding you and your team to account, providing a benchmark to judge subsequent performance.

You can’t know the future, but effective financial forecasting can certainly help you get there, profitably, while maximizing your cash flow. So, if you think a forecast could help you, just contact me.