Mentoring and Coaching for a Care Home Business

The Situation

The owner manager of a business managing a care home and providing high quality domiciliary services was spending too much time operating those services. The result was that essential administration and financial services were being neglected, whilst the owner manager was not directing the business. Immediately the likelihood that business mentoring was required sprang to mind.

The Task

The owner needed to regain focus on the direction of the business in order to drive it forward.

Action Taken – A Tailored Mentoring Arrangement

I began a tailored mentoring arrangement with the owner manager, which rapidly developed into a long term trusted, professional relationship. We were able to share ideas and identify the strengths and opportunities for the business.

The Result

The mentoring process enabled the owner manager to regain control of the business and begin to develop, with my advice and hands – on support, a business plan to drive forward the growth of the business. In addition, I provided access to various resources and fellow owner managers operating in a high growth community.

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