About Me

As a Business Advisor, I aim to put businesses on the route to success

home-featureAfter many years in business, first in practice as a qualified accountant, and latterly as a senior SME board member, I know about business: what works and what doesn’t; how to put things right and make them work better.

Now, as a business advisor, I work with business owners to help them identify their key issues and deliver quick wins that can put cash in the bank. Longer term, I aim to build a trusted professional relationship with my clients, providing them with long term support and ensuring they stay on the route to business success.

What type of businesses do I advise?

In my role as a business advisor, I mainly work with the owners of micro and small businesses, both start-ups and existing businesses, because this is where my own expertise lies, with over 20 years experience in SMEs. I know that running your own business can be a joy, but I also know that it comes with many responsibilities and demands, often with limited resources in these still challenging times.

As a Business Adviser who knows what it’s like to work in and run small businesses, I am committed to helping you add value to your business by providing tailored, on-going support, at an affordable cost, to help you make the most of your business.

Please have a look at the introductory video below.

How do I work?

First of all we need to meet. This meeting will have two clear objectives.

Firstly, to chat things through and form an impression as to whether we are right for each other. This is a two way business relationship and we both need to feel that I am the right person to act as your business advisor.

Secondly, to seek to identify and discuss the key issues which are affecting your business. We can then, together, develop and drive forward a ‘Hands On’, tailored and prioritised Action Plan to provide you with both short and longer term solutions for your business, as required.

Key areas I can help with

Planning and Strategy

I can provide Planning and Strategy guidance to help you drive your business forward, supported, when required, by a team of trusted specialists/professionals. These team specialities include: Production, legal, accounting, Property, PR and Marketing (including graphic designers, website and search engine experts and social media experts), together with cost reduction experts.

Growth Advice

If you are a business with the potential for strong growth, then I can help you too. As an advisor with a extensive background in industry, I can help you achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored, expert advice.


As an accredited mentor with the IOEE, I can help you to focus, to be challenged, to change, to take a step back from day to day business issues, putting you on and keeping you on the route to business success.

Raising Finance

If raising finance is a key priority, then I can help you navigate through the web of alternative sources of funding that do not involve banks, of which there are many. I can also support you in selecting, managing and developing your bank relationships. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, together we can maximize your opportunities.

Reduce Costs

I can review your overheads. Frequently I find that businesses are paying more than they need for some of the services they receive, such as electricity, gas, water, printing, etc. Together we can quickly take advantage of every opportunity to drive unnecessary costs out of your business.

Financial Systems

Is your financial data giving you the support you need? I will help you to maximize that support through user friendly financial information to assist you with effective decisions. I provide this service by drawing on my own skills, together with, when required, a team of trusted specialists/professionals. These specialists include Accountants and Bookkeepers.

My Career highlights

I am a qualified chartered accountant, beginning my career with Clement Keys, a well known practice in Birmingham, before moving on to be an audit manager at KPMG, where I stayed for 8 years until 1991.

At KPMG I undertook many special projects in industry, including industry secondments, company administration, business planning and forecast and liquidity reviews. This whetted my appetite to become involved in business, rather than just advising, and in 1991, I joined Contract Foods Limited, a food manufacturer with 130 employees and a turnover of £8 million. I stayed for 18 years, fulfilling the following roles:

  • Company Accountant
  • Finance Manager and Company Secretary
  • Finance Director and Company Secretary

During this time I was heavily involved in all aspects of running the business, from strategy through to implementation.

Thereafter, I continued my senior SME involvement in a group of companies with over 50 employees and a combined turnover of £3 million. These companies were engaged in the manufacture, wholesale and retail of luxury goods.

It is the experience gained from these roles that allows me to say that I know about business, and that is why I believe I can help you with yours.

For a FREE initial consultation call me on 07774 548822, or click here to contact me.